Playing in small ensembles

Two Rivers members get together regularly to play in small ensembles.

There are currently active saxophone, woodwind and brass groups. We have also experimented with a flute group and a small jazz band.

The saxophone group usually meets with a facilitator, the woodwind teacher Catherine Embleton. The other groups are mostly self directing.

The main aim is to have fun together exploring different repertoire from the music played by our larger bands.

Also by playing in smaller groups we improve our playing and listening skills which in turn improves the way we play in the larger bands.

Our small groups have performed at a number of smaller community events, schools and Care Homes.

Some members of the Saxophone Group had a great time working with the Outside the Box Learning Disabilities Music Group in 2019, culminating in a joint performance of their song "Space Travel" at a Concert.

And in the run up to Christmas, groups of members brave the cold to go out Carol Busking for to raise money for the charities we support.


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